Thi is a list of videos shown on Youtube:

Current videosEdit

Mario can't take it anymore!

Mario and Frogger's Annoying Ass Neighbor

Mario and Frogger are Done

Mario LOVES Aglets!

Frogger tries out for Shrek Surgery

The Possessed Youtube Account

What Mario Does In Secret series

Gremlins 2 closing logo

Does He Look Like a Bitch? - Redone Version

Mario and Car Knievel Watch Caillou

Shrek Head Pulls A Prank

A Message from Mario and Frogger

My America's Got Talent Audition

Meet Timmy Turner

Mario and Timmy Watch SpongeBob

A Tribute To StacheBros

LG and iPhone Argument

Burger Needs a Bath

Mario and Frogger's Search Story

Super Mario 64 DS - How To Die In and Out of a Level

101 Ways to Kill Lego Jar Jar Binks #1 - Shooting Him

Vptuna Movie: Extra Interviews


Past/deleted videosEdit

Welcome to my new Youtube account!

Mario and Frogger's Other Annoying Ass Neighbor

5th Main Character Contest!

The New Characters of the Vptuna Family!

Frogger and Puss In Boots Play NSMBW series

An Apology From Mario and Frogger

Bart Simpson's Not Very Funny Stand-Up Video

My Wikia Rant

Timmy's Book Reviews series

What Mario Does In Secret series


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